Dropnickel - Standby ©1998 Blue Worm Records
1. Funeral
2. Ming Dynasty
3. Who I Am
4. Confusion
5. Commitment
6. Inspiration

Dropnickel could be described in a variety of ways for those needing complete categorical definitions of music. Post-punk. Emo hardcore. Rhythm punk-infused rock. I prefer the rock part. While remotely in the same territory as perhaps Fugazi mixed with Quicksand or dayinthelife..., Dropnickel is smart enough to remember that the most important element of the equation is rocking out. On "Ming Dynasty" or "Funeral", there are some sharp, jagged riffing patterns that are done just smoothly enough to not be disconcerting in the least. Moreover, the fact that the twin guitars complement each other very well with their individual parts show some strong songwriting ability in the band. Meanwhile, the two vocalist approach works fairly well in keeping the songs from becoming monotonous or samey throughout the EP. Standby is remarkably good for such a young band. Hopefully they will continue on this path of quality on future releases.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 02/1999

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