Dropsick Injektors

Dropsick Injektors

Dropsick Injektors - Dropsick Injektors ©2002 Two Bit Records
1. Outta Control
2. No Reason
3. Got No Money
4. Know Your Enemy
5. Phase V
6. Born In Flames
7. Altered Beast
8. When Hell Freezes Over
9. It Ain't Right
10. Bleed Me Dry

Dropsick Injektors, not to be confused with any band who prefers to dropkick anything, are a four piece punk band who provide yet another trip down the road of punk rock that offers a handful of chords and pretty much every trick you've heard thousands of times before. The quick rundown finds their lead vocalist sounding a bit like Tesco Vee, their melodies somewhat catchy and their overall approach earnest and enthusiastic. Yes, you know the drill if you happen to own more than six punk CDs in your collection. Dropsick Injektors don't exactly offer anything particularly outside the normal parameters, but I'll give them a point for being just being enthusiastic enough to avoid my Review Guns of Death. Heck, the band even goes country-rock for "It Ain't Right".

On one hand, Dropsick Injektors seldom do anything to stand out or otherwise impress me. On the other hand, they're just competent enough at what they do to avoid me assaulting their record with a vile spew of bitterness and critical cynicism. This is definitely an average record of a fairly stale style, but you can definitely do a lot worse than this band.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 02/2004

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