Product Of A Two-Faced World

Drown - Product Of A Two-Faced World ©1998 Slipdisc
1. You Never Listened
2. The Day I Walked Away
3. 1605 (for My Suffering)
4. Kerosene
5. Tired Of Living Like This
6. Alone In A Dirty World
7. Redial
8. My Private War
9. Need This Need
10. The Dirtiest Hand
11. Two Faced You
12. Monster

Initially, Drown came across as yet another hardcore-cum-metalcore band with a funkier beat. I was all set to trash the record when a strange thing happened around "Kerosene"...it became catchy and groovy as all hell. The levels of emotion and anger in singer's voice became sharper and more powerful while the music raged on with great excitement. Well, perhaps not "great", but nicely pulled off for the hybrid style. Right offhand I can't think of obvious influences for Drown, aside from the perfunctory Rage Against the Machine and maybe even Machine Head - but I could be stretching on that last bit. The rhythms are distinctly funk/hiphop oriented, which may be a huge turnoff for many metal purists. Thankfully, there isn't any rapping or "Yo homiez!" anywhere on the record. With the rhythms and basslines being a touch more aggressive than funk would normally suggest, Drown is able to make the songs move well. Perhaps the closest counterpart would be Prong's Rude Awakening. If so far anything you have read about Drown hasn't turned you off, then it might be worth your time checking these guys out.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 04/1999

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