Duffy Moon

Duffy Moon - Duffy Moon ©1997 Self-Released
1. Ain't Losing Sleep
2. Damned Am I
3. Everything, Every Time

Decent demo tape that falls into the Cruz Records/Big Drill Car/Chemical People category. Hailing from Scotland, Duffy Moon plays that somewhat infectious brand of melodic pop/punk that sails along at mid tempo without ever rising to annoy the neighbors or peel paint off the walls. Sometimes the dual vocals of Angus McClelland and Gordon McTweed are somewhat off range, but in the case of "Everything, Every Time", the excellent movement and guitar lines in the song show this band has some songwriting skills to back them up. With a little more work on their singing and energy, this band will be one to check out.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 11/1997

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