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Dwelling - Humana ©2003 Equilibrium Music
1. Silencio Intemporal
2. Teceloes Nova Realidade
3. The Wheel
4. Lingering Stupor
5. Chasing The Rainbow's End
6. Remember Virtue
7. O Cinzel Do Tempo
8. As The Storm Chants
9. The Reality That Remains

Falling directly into the field of modern darkwave and neo-classical artistry that one might find on Projekt Records, Portugal's Dwelling offers a nine song classical guitar based album entitled Humana. Dwelling's music consists entirely of classical guitar and violin interplay with very beautiful female vocals. The compositions are all consistently enjoyable from beginning to end, offering a light diversion from the usual jackhammers'n'paint peeling music that goes on around here.

This is the sort of album that there is really not a lot to say beyond the fact I find it very enjoyable. While it's not the sort of music you put on just before a roadtrip to Mardi Gras with the wild friends you met in college, it is a relaxing late evening listen. The musicianship and songwriting is quietly compelling and on a whole, a very pleasant experience.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 03/2004

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