A Requiem Of Euphoric Nihilism

Dwole - A Requiem Of Euphoric Nihilism ©1998 Root Of All Evil
1. Open
2. Contort
3. Through
4. Scape
5. ?
6. Clouds
7. Foacithog
8. Presence
9. If
10. Persona
11. Lesser
12. Undone
13. Glass
14. Sleep
15. Twinkle
16. Cast
17. Euphoria
18. Veil Of Tears

According to the press kit, Dwole was recorded spontaneously in the studio to capture the mood of the moment. Perhaps he should have spontaneously checked the recording levels and microphones because a lot of this comes off as amateur night in ambience. There are some interesting moments, but you think that if he bothered to refine what he created rather than put it on tape and call it good, he might be able to move up the ranks a bit. While it is sonically similar to some of the Controlled Bleeding dark ambience, it is not nearly as adept.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 01/1999

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