Dying Breed


Dying Breed - Fleshflower ©2000 Bloodfart Music
1. Fleshflower
2. Chipeland
3. El Juero
4. La Liberte
5. Recarved
6. Porn
7. Repetition

Dying Breed is a somewhat tepid death metal oriented band that for the most part follows the tried and true path of of the style, only occasionally doing anything to stand apart from the crowd. The band does make use of occasional turntable scratching and keyboards, but for the most part this album rumbles along mildly and with little fanfare. For a non-death metal fan such as myself, there isn't a whole lot here that is going to inspire me to run things up flagpoles and make people salute. The riffs are competent, the singing appropriately gutteral and gravelly and the drums are a bit too hollow for my tastes. The one track that did stand out and catch my interest is the industrial tinged "Repetition" that was quite spooky in mood. It's almost disconcerting to hear six songs worth of so-so material followed up by a song that completely redefines where the band should go. Dying Breed shows that they have a little bit of creativity and I honestly believe their creativity could blossom very well in a different musical avenue. Next time I hear from this band I hope they are pursuing the ideas in "Repetition" because to me there is no sense in simply adhering to a style that is already oversaturated and often entirely uninteresting.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 04/2000

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