Ebony Tears

Evil As Hell

Ebony Tears - Evil As Hell ©2001 Black Sun/Century Media
1. Deviation
2. Soulcrusher
3. Outraged
4. Negative Creep
5. Lowdown
6. Hands Of Doom
7. Lucified...Evil As Hell
8. Demon Ride

So, like, check it out. Ebony Tears are another one of those guitar riff oriented Swedish death metal bands and like, they're sort of like Arch Enemy, except they don't have nearly as stellar of leads. They're also kind of like In Flames, except without the Iron Maidenesque twin guitars. After all, Ebony Tears only has one guitarist. Fortunately, he's coupled with a vocalist who can only bark out one tone. And that's rounded out by songwriting that is one dimensional. Ebony Tears can definitely be seen as balanced in that regard. Evil as Hell is nothing more than an eight song foray into a style that's been done to death in the past few years and subsequent listens of this forty minute album are not going to peel off any new layers, revealing sublime complexities that require serious attention to unveil. Ebony Tears offers nothing more than average, standard fare with little flair. This album rumbles along, provides reasonable aggression but nothing beyond the rest of the pack. This might be something for rabid genre fanatics to purchase, but for the rest of us who have had our fill, Evil as Hell becomes unessential as hell.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 11/2001

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