The Eels

Beautiful Freak

The Eels - Beautiful Freak ©1996 Dreamworks
1. Novocaine For The Soul
2. Susan's House
3. Rags To Rags
4. Beautiful Freak
5. Not Ready Yet
6. My Beloved Monster
7. Flower
8. Guest List
9. Mental
10. Spunky
11. Your Lucky Day In Hell
12. Manchild

More of that lost little boy alternative stuff that makes most gag. I'll give the Eels credit in that they are capable of more than just simplistic three chord whine-a-lot stuff that pollutes the radios. Head Eels lost little boy E (that's right, his name is a letter and he fits the alternative image to a T) plays a variety of instruments, bassist Tommy also wields a french horn like no one's business, and drummer Butch (yeah, he looks like a frat boy) has a fine variety of rhythms and beats. So they are saved only by that. "Mental", with a its great bass line, is a winner and various other songs are actually worthwhile, but only to those who can tolerate the alternative mentality.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 06/1997

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