The Ember Tide

The Ember Tide

The Ember Tide - The Ember Tide ©1999 Ember Tide Records
1. Italian Stallion
2. Numbed
3. Entwined
4. No Will

The Ember Tide is an Australian death metal band with one foot firmly still entrenched in thrash ideals of nearly ten years ago. Though this short four song EP would not accidentally be confused with any retro-thrash band, the aggressive riffing edge is reminiscient of what you might have heard around 1989. The vocals are a more current blend that are more of a rasp growl than a gutteral grunt, which does help distinguish them from most death metal bands. As "Entwined" shows, the band also understands song structure does not require monotonous bludgeoning of one's instrument, as the well placed midpaced section shows. "No Will" is the most thrash-o-riffic of the EP and is probably my favorite track on the CD. The Ember Tide shows on this short little album that they do indeed have the goods to be a very interesting act in the future.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 11/1999

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