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A Source Of Hollow Essence

Empty - A Source Of Hollow Essence ©2002 Blackened Moon
1. Vast Immensity (Of Death)
2. To The Stake
3. Alone In The Darkness...My Eternal Rest
4. A Place Called Solitude
5. Arrival Of The Sickening Ones
6. The Goddess Of The Perpetual Lake
7. Son Of The Rain
8. Worship Me And Die
9. Echoes Resounding Between The Abyss Of Time

The influence of Dissection's blackened thrash hybrid has reverberated through much of the world, despite Dissection's relatively short period of time as a recording outfit. For instance, this here Empty band carries the flame down in Spain. Empty, regardless of their somewhat vacuous moniker, play the style of blistering, somewhat complex and mildly melodic blackened thrash with the best of them. They might fully follow the black metal dress code and so-called lifestyle, but their recorded music is of note to anyone who enjoys the style.

A Source of Hollow Essence is the outfit's second release. This lengthy CD has footholds in many influences and at times does little to establish an identity of their own. However, that can be said about literally hundreds of bands these days so it's not exactly a unique problem. Empty is notable in their skill level. The guitarists aren't afraid to tie together quite a few trebly riffs, opting for a bit more adventurous song structure. The band's bassist is actually quite impressive, not just because he's audible, but adds an occasional Fleurety-like meandering flow to some of the songs. While Empty is nowhere near as inventive as Fleurety, there are hints all over the place that this band could explore the left field of black metal with the best of them. On the flipside, A Source of Hollow Essence lags a bit with some similar sounding songs and perhaps more of the band's noodling qualities on future releases would help break up periods of monotony.

Empty is recommended towards anyone who enjoys a somewhat accomplished black metal record that avoids being polished or trumped up. Since Empty sticks to the basic guitars, bass, drums and raspy vocals format, those who prefer an old school approach to this sort of music may find extra interest. A Source of Hollow Essence is a good full length debut from a band who could definitely elevate their status in the future with creative releases.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 06/2003

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