End It

6 Songs

End It - 6 Songs ©2000 Self-Released
1. Skull Issues
2. Funeral For A Friend
3. 3 Years From Now
4. Take Cover
5. Better Than God
6. Out Of Hand

End It are a four piece death'n'roll band from Michigan who play a style that is not too far off from Entombed, mixed with old speed and thrash influences. Their main point of note is their ability to throw in a bit of a groove to their music, which a lot of overly technical and riff happy death metal bands completely forget to do. That groove ability adds a lot to the listener's ability to actually remember the songs after hearing them. Vocally, End It's singer has a throaty rasp that just sounds painful to hear performed. With luck, there is plenty of cough drops nearby to deal with his sore throat afterwards. The six songs on what is apparently a demo (the packaging is a cardboard sleeve that reminds me of something Shellac would put out) are a good indication of what this band is capable of. The songs flow together seamlessly into one aggressive, angry piece of work. "Better Than God" is intensely fast while the first four songs are a bit more midpaced and use fairly straightforward riffs. The final song is a cover of Entombed's "Out of Hand" (which makes them, of course, the prime influence) that fits right in with the five originals.

End It is certainly a competent band that hopefully can build on this reasonably impressive demo. I'm impressed that they remember part of the death/thrash equation is the rock groove that is often forgotten by too many metal bands. End It hopefully is a band that will not end it after this release.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 09/2000

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