Decade Of Obscurity EP

Endless - Decade Of Obscurity EP ©2003 Da'Core Records
1. Only Us
2. Step To It
3. (I Won't Be Your) Anything
4. I Will Stand Up
5. Subliminal
6. What's It All For (Live '95)
7. Words I Preach (Live '95)

If all you have to show for a decade of existence is a seven song EP, one of which is a cover tune, there may be some issues with one's ability to be prolific. Endless, who have been around for over ten years according to the clenched, tattooed fists on the front cover, are yet another metalized stompcore band that will probably do little to help their cause with this short, twenty minute EP. Decade of Obscurity isn't particularly bad, but it certainly is colorless and underwhelming. On the plus side, the production of the first five songs is quite good for an independent band, giving the guitar plenty of heaviness and thickness. On the negative side, a good guitar tone and overall production doesn't exactly make tepid songs any better. Endless specializes in the 90s crossover of thrash, punk and hardcore and provide just enough to be adequate purveyors of the genre, but not enough to ever stand out with a unique identity. Like so many bands who are out there these days, Endless is just another faceless entity among thousands of others. Without putting forth the effort to be anything more than merely passable, it's doubtful 2004-2014 will be any more fruitful than the decade that preceded it.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 01/2004

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