Prophecies Of Pagan Fire

Enthroned - Prophecies Of Pagan Fire ©1995 Evil Omen/Osmose
1. Intro
2. Deny The Holy Book Of Lies
3. Under The Holocaust
4. Scared By Darkwinds
5. Tales From A Blackened Horde
6. At Dawn Of A Funeral Winter
7. Rites Of The Northern Fullmoon
8. Skeldenland
9. At The Sound Of The Millennium Black Bells
10. As The Wolves Howl Again

Belgium's Enthroned is the kind of black metal that only appeals to kids who haven't quite gotten their driver's license and are very concerned with pissing off mumsy and pop by finding the most blatantly obvious and cliched "satanic" metal out there. Enthroned is just such the band for that market as their derivative and entirely silly satanic concept is as flimsy as the whims of the young teenagers who might actually think this is truly evil.

Enthroned fits all the necessary requirements to be a true black metal band. They have the illegible logo, band member who offed himself to rid himself of those mortal chains, and appropriately anti-Christian material. The band attempts to apply all they know about this sort of extreme metal by including blast beats, trebly, high-end guitar riffs, spooky passages using synth effects that one might put on a very bad Halloween sound effects CD, and of course those oh-so-darned-evil screeching vocals. The result is an album that is entirely too obvious and so trite that anyone who isn't rebelling against their parents might find use as a frisbee for the dog. Enthroned is certainly competent at their instruments and it's too bad they are unable to actually create music that has more worth than being a tool to shock uptight parents. This whole "true black & evil unholy warlike metal" shtick is an embarrassment to anyone who has any taste in extreme music. I sincerely doubt their request for you to "join the crusade to murder the filthy Christan tribe" is anything more than a ploy to appear sinister to a gullible and young metal fan in search of what is superficially the most "evil" band in existence.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 01/2001

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Towards The Skullthrone Of Satan

Enthroned - Towards The Skullthrone Of Satan ©1997 Blackened/Death Records
1. Satan's Realm (intro)
2. The Ultimate Horde Fights
3. Ha Shaitan
4. Evil Church
5. The Antichrist Summons The Black Flame
6. The Forest Of Nathrath
7. Dusk Of Forgotten Darkness
8. Throne To Purgatory
9. When Horny Flames Begin To Rise
10. Hertogenwald
11. Final Armageddon (epilogue)

Explain the process which European black metal bands get distribution in the United States again, please. More specifically, explain Death Records' philosophy for choosing bands to bring over. Let's see, we've got Hecate Enthroned, Lord Belial--to name a couple--and now we have Enthroned, yet another by-the-book, "just the evil facts ma'am" blitz-core black metal band. You know the drill. The members all have "evil" names like Sabathan, Nebiros and Nornagest (though no single name here will cause me to clutch my blankie closer to my head at night). The former member who offed himself: Cernunnos. Appropriate subject matter about all sorts of Satanic things that most bands would get spankings from their mums for writing. Even the song arrangement is nothing you haven't heard before on other black metal records. I mean, they do it fairly well and even a modicum of enthusiasm so perhaps the BM fan who just must own anything with an illegible logo could do a lot worse than this. But with a song title like "When Horny Flames Begin to Rise", I can no longer approach their work seriously. When you consider there are probably quite a few more innovative bands in the genre without distribution on these shores, Enthroned serves simply to annoy.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 10/1998

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Tetra Karcist

Enthroned - Tetra Karcist ©2007 Napalm Records
1. Ingressus Regnum Spiritus
2. Pray
3. Tellum Scorpionis
4. Deviant Nerve Angelus
5. The Burning Dawn
6. Through the Cortex
7. The Seven Ensigns of Creation
8. Nox
9. Vermin
10. Antares

Enthroned is a Belgian black metal group that I fully admit I had some fun picking on in the early days of this website. Back then, the band was firmly entrenched in the underbelly of black metal, a second tier act that failed entirely to achieve significance within the scene. They featured all the stereotypical elements and gimmickry of black metal, but when it came down to brass tacks, they were generic at best.

However, in the sense of fairness, I figured that since a decade had passed since the last Enthroned CD that cursed my ears, they deserved a fresh listen with their 2007 release, Tetra Karcist. Unfortunately, despite many years where they had opportunity to improve their trade, Enthroned is entirely mired in truly dismal, bland black metal with absolutely nothing worth recommending. The band has gone through typical lineup changes, with their longtime vocalist Lord Sabathan exiting. But one would think that after playing for so many years, the band would be capable of something besides wallflower metal. This is just unbelievably stagnant, pointless and redundant.

They say everyone deserves a second chance, but when the same problems are still intact so many years later, it's evident Enthroned lacks the ability to ever improve beyond being an afterthought in black metal.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 02/2008

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