The Entity

Salt EP

The Entity - Salt EP ©2003 Rage Of Achilles
1. Salt
2. Duality
3. Nemesis
4. Acoustic Salt

The Entity is a new entry to the world of metal's unheralded "emo-metal" subgenre. Although the term "emo" will be used liberally to describe bands such as current Anathema, Katatonia and Thine, you don't have to fear these bands donning sweaters, horn-rimmed glasses and affecting timid vocals placed over top half-hearted guitar strumming. Rather, metal's version of "emo" simply finds these sort of bands rising out of the morass of thunderous doom, but not fully escaping into the Radiohead alt-sqwuak world. Instead, these band work on morose melodies and instrumentation that suggests one should brood while listening.

Now that I've thoroughly educated/enraged you, we'll discuss this four song EP by The Entity. This Norwegian band has been somewhat rightfully compared to Katatonia, although only one song has the tendency to remind me of them. Featuring the accented, but pleasant vocals of Håkon Viken over top acoustic and electric guitars, subtle keyboards and midpaced rhythms, The Entity could find an audience for their music fairly easily. Salt doesn't necessarily blow one away, but it's good enough to warrant future interest in the band. The band understands the need for strong hooks and memorable melodies for this style and provides a couple in the process. Most notably, "Acoustic Salt", which eliminates the distortion, shows the band has a knack for writing a truly strong melody. On the other hand, "Duality" and "Nemesis" are just average songs that neither blow me away nor dull my senses. The result is a good little EP that suggests this band might be one to watch for fans of moody-metal, but not something that will top any "must-have" lists.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 10/2003

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