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Entwine - Gone ©2001 Spikefarm/Century Media
1. Losing The Ground
2. Snow White Suicide
3. Closer (my Love)
4. New Dawn
5. Grace
6. Silence Is Killing Me
7. Thru The Darkness
8. Blood Of Your Soul

Entwine is a Finnish, goth-tinged metal band that is heavily steeped in abject generic dullness. Gone, the outfit's second full length disc, is a rather dreary affair that does little to establish the band's identity or sound beyond perhaps stretching to sound like other bands. Singer Mika Tauriainen is a major offender of never quite sounding confident nor able to latch onto the key of the music. At time he sounds as though he wishes to reenact Layne Staley's ability to sound wretched and other times he is just warbling away with reckless abandon. The music behind him is hardly anything to write home about; they could be described as a lesser Sentenced with neo-goth tendencies. Considering how amazingly dull Sentenced has become, this is definitely not a compliment. Gone simply has no ability to enthrall a listener to any degree and the effect of the record is that you feel like you were sapped of forty minutes of your life (or less, since chances are most listeners will stop the CD well before the final track).

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 07/2001

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