Epoch Of Unlight

What Will Be Has Been

Epoch Of Unlight - What Will Be Has Been ©1998 The End Records
1. Ad Infinitum
2. Burning As One
3. Crimson Might (and Glory)
4. ...what Will Be Has Been
5. The Day The Light Hath Died
6. Undone Within
7. (From Northern Aeries To) The Infinite Cycle Of The Unborn Lord
8. Silver Mistress
9. Conflagration Of Hate
10. Immortal Crucify

If you have ever wondered what a death/black metal hybrid as recorded by demonic cartoon characters would sound like, Epoch of Unlight is your best bet. I would really prefer to enjoy this album, but there are many things troubling about the band's delivery. Top of the list is a reliance on out of control blast beat patterns that force the guitars to attempt to keep up, usually failing to do so. Second are the aforementioned vocals, that are either a very unconvincing rasp or a terribly comical black metal scream that at best sounds forced and at worst sounds like a villian from some awful afternoon kids cartoon. And you know how those villians seldom win. There are rare times that the band catches a devastating groove (such as the chorus section of "Crimson Might (and Glory)"), but it is fleeting with the overabundance of blast beats. The result is a weak album that blurs together in a mush of percussive disarray and muddled songs. Better turn on the lights.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 11/1998

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Caught In The Unlight

Epoch Of Unlight - Caught In The Unlight ©2001 The End Records
1. At The Threshold Of Might
2. The Ethereal Taint
3. Crimson And Steel
4. In The Abscence Of Light
5. The Last To Fall
6. Ululant Cries
7. Return To Eidolon
8. Hounds Of Tinadalos
9. Aegri Somnia Vana
10. Caught In The Unlight

No one likes a boaster. In metal, you can always find a handful of bands who are convinced that having technical ability and highly developed chops are far more important than the ability to create a song that matters. Case in point: Epoch of Unlight. Caught in the Unlight is their second album and it will definitely not be considered a sophomore slump since their first album was very unimpressive as well. Epoch of Unlight are the great offenders of having more talent in playing than in songwriting and this dismally bland effort only proves it. A listener can pick any single song on the CD and hear the band's entire approach there. The other nine tracks are just exercises in redundancy. Sure, a few songs have some interesting riffs sprinkled here and there, but overall the band displays their entire songwriting panorama within the first two minutes. This is a band who is trapped in a single mindset of complex riffing, a monotonous rasping vocals (but hey, at least they ditched the cartoony vocals of the debut), and a reliance of mostly blasting type of rhythms. For the most part it's a just a blur of soundalike songs with zero ability to really construct a song that has identity, movement, hooks or anything outside of brutality. Brutality has its place in music but without other elements to carry it along, it's rather silly.

When you have musicians as obviously talented as these three men are, it's a shame they aren't able to elevate their songwriting to a higher level to match it. This is the type of CD that might make other musicians think, "Gee, that was a deft and dexterious riff," but fall upon an indifferent and uncaring music listening public otherwise.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 06/2001

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