Esoteric - Metamorphogenesi ©1999 Eibon Records
1. Dissident
2. The Secret Of The Secret
3. Psychotropic Transgression

Metamorphogenesis, the third release from everyones’ favorite manic-depressive psychedelic doom band Esoteric, creates a positively suffocating experience for those daring enough to embrace it. Reverb laden textures pulsate and roll on the surface of a violently tumultuous rhythm section, while fragmented whispers deliver sweet misanthropic nothings, consciously subdued and unregistered. The percussion is loose and subtly complex, having more in common with jazz than metal in many respects, convulsive and seemingly improvised much of the time. An almost continuous use of delay and reverb creates a frenetic cold ambience, the guitar lines possessing both the dissonance and consonance of a progressively building thunderstorm, sometimes maddeningly noisy and at other times subdued but threatening.

The album contains three incredibly long pieces that hardly qualify as songs, each one containing its fair share of noise and dark psychedelic passages, each its own paranoid journey. Of all possible emotions, paranoia and dread are those most frequently available in the music of Esoteric, the chaotic textures and spidery rhythm playing delving deep into the listener’s mind, drowning the emptiness in layers of aural dissonance. The music is so effectively psychedelic that people I know have actually reported hallucinations (without the aid of hallucinogenic drugs) while listening to the album, and not pleasant ones mind you. Metamorphogenesis was obviously crafted with a very small minority of people in mind, that incredibly small part of the general population that actually enjoys ugly, dissonant and horrific soundscapes. I can only recommend this album to them in good conscience; I wouldn’t wish this album on anyone else.

Review by James Slone

Review date: 04/2001

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