Especially Likely Sloth

Panda Rescue

Especially Likely Sloth - Panda Rescue ©2001 Audio Savant
1. Don't Wake The Sleeping Bags
2. Mouthful Of Pirates
3. The Land Where The Gods Eat Your Toast
4. It's Not Rocket Surgery, It's Bassaroni!
5. Carrion Luggage In My Closet
6. Who Cares About Anything When You Can Have Your Friends Over?

And the kitten played all through the night.

In other news, Especially Likely Sloth, a side project of the ever busy Jason Walton (most known for his roles in Oregon mainstays Agalloch and Sculptured), has released one of the most befuddling, undeniably bizarre releases in quite some time with Panda Rescue. This six song release is the type of recording that would make the members of the Residents scratch their head in puzzlement and makes Mr. Bungle look downright tame on Disco Volante. Skip easy classification or comparisons because Especially Likely Sloth exists in a bizarro world of its own where music is cast oblong onto its side and sounds like an eight year old savant on a lethal dose of mushrooms and acid. PCP is quite possibly added in for good measure, but that's only a guess. The music has a childlike, but incredibly manic, ADD-infused edge to it. The voices are distorted into something sounding like Alvin and the Chipmunks during a bad LSD trip. Without a doubt, most sane listeners will develop a psychotic disorder during the course of Panda Rescue. If you don't, chances are your stereo's volume was set at zero.

If you're the type who listens to the most truly left field creations or think Sir Millard Mulch is too mainstream, there's a good chance Especially Likely Sloth will fill a void in your life. I would suggest you do clutch your favorite stuffed animal while you're listening, though.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 02/2002

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