Between Silence And Light

Estertor - Between Silence And Light ©2003 Moonlapse Productions
1. Intro The Forest (instrumental)
2. Ride To The Unknown
3. Shadows
4. Dark Silent Room
5. Green
6. Eternal Fall
7. Lifebuilder
8. The Follower
9. Drunk Song (Nietzche)
10. Hunting Lost Dreams
11. Sacred Sin ...death In Life...
12. Slept Shining Dew
13. To My Concience (instrumental)

Having provided the world with a demo tape in 2001, Bolivia's Estertor has now submitted their first full length CD, Between Silence and Light, for worldwide consumption. Although the band does wear many of its influences on their collective sleeves, the band offers enough good songwriting and solid songs to justify bringing attention to them outside of their home continent.

Throughout Between Silence and Light, dedicated fans of subgenre nitpicking will hear elements of death metal, classic Iron Maiden and Helloween (Walls of Jericho moreso than anything released after it), melodic death and quasi-neo-uber-prog that would possibly make fans of Opeth think this is nifty. The twin guitarist of Estertor work very well together, offering sharp dual leads and strong riffs throughout. The band plays in midtempo pacing throughout and provide heavy, thick riffs as well as lighter segments. Although one can be sure this band liked Dark Tranquillity along the way, Estertor is more energized by the spirit of the influence than feeling the dedicated need to copy their style. Vocally, Estertor sticks to rough death-ish vocals, giving no quarter to lighter, cleaner tones despite the music occasionally nodding consent to that sort of thing. The band particularly shines in their opening and closing instrumental passage, where they prove they can inject a very moody mindset without lowering themselves to the lowest common denominator.

Estertor does something that few bands seem to accomplish these days: a solid, very enjoyable release that sticks to good songwriting. Although these Bolivians aren't exactly rewriting the textbook on modern metal, they do a fine job of working within the concepts of their influences. Between Silence and Light is an above average debut that hopefully is merely a starting point for an interesting musical career.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 10/2003

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