Eternal Autumn

The Storm

Eternal Autumn - The Storm ©1998 Black Diamond
1. The Storm
2. Autumn Fire
3. In My Recent Shape
4. As The Last Leaf Fell
5. Moonscape
6. Autumn Opus No. 1
7. Floating...
8. In A Land Dawn Never Reached
9. Unrisen
10. Into The Bloodstained Night
11. Song Of Enchantment

Long hours spent scouring record stores is worth it when you find little gems like Eternal Autumn. Aside from having a name that should be on the Projekt roster, E.A. is a straightfoward, no frills black metal/thrash trio that remembers one important thing: ROCK! E.A has some connection to the Swedish guitar-melodica scene and that Gothenburg sound. You can hear a bit of Dissection, Dark Tranquillity and of course Iron Maiden (not Swedish, don't jump to conclusions). But from the get-go, E.A. doesn't mess around with getting the blood pumping with galloping, full speed ahead force of guitar metal with "The Storm". There aren't a lot of disconcerting time changes or anything fancy with these boys. They just rock on. More importantly, with tempo variations from song to song, clever (though simple) guitar riffs that make you want to pump your little fist in the air. Think Amon Amarth if they were energetic. Think a more meaty Dark Tranquillity. Think "I want this album and I wanna rock out too." Excellent piece of work.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 01/1999

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