Eucharist - Mirrorworlds ©1997 Regain Records
1. Mirrorworld
2. Dissolving
3. The Eucharist
4. With The Sun
5. Demons
6. Fallen
7. In Nakedness
8. Blood Red Stains

Eucharist was one of the relatively earlier bands within the realm of Sweden melodic death metal. As time has rolled on, their most notable contribution to the scene was neither of their records, but in fact their drummer's involvement with the likes of Arch Enemy and In Flames. To date, Eucharist has released only two albums, the last of which back in 1997 on the defunct Wrong Again Records, the label that created instant album obscurity. However, recently Regain Records acquired the rights to reissue Eucharist's second CD, Mirrorworlds. Thus, without too much fanfare, we have this CD readily available for the curious.

Mirrorworlds differs somewhat from drummer Daniel Erlandsson's other projects. Rather than the fancy guitar leads of Arch Enemy or In Flames, Eucharist is a riff heavy endeavor that sticks to a heavier approach. There are, naturally, quite a few strains of melody throughout the CD, which firmly establishes their places within their peers in Sweden. Although this material would have sounded fairly fresh at the time of its release, in the context of 2004's ears, Mirrorworlds doesn't do much to greatly stand out. Strangely, though, there are segments, such as the slower moments of "Demons", that have a foothold in stoner rock in the vein of Spiritual Beggars. To me, the most interesting track is the peculiar "In Nakedness", which features woodwind and quiet, atmospheric guitar playing. Eucharist, for the most part, had many similarities to their brethren, but it's obvious that they also had a unique creative side.

Since 1997, this style of death metal has been undertaken by seemingly thousands of bands and saturated it to the point that the melodic death metal diaper is leaking. As a result, this effort may fail to have the impact it might have had seven years ago for many listeners. But certainly there are fans who wish to travel every branch of every limb of the In Flames family tree, so this CD will be of interest to some.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 01/2004

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