Slaughter In The Vatican

Exhorder - Slaughter In The Vatican ©1990 RC Records
1. Death In Vain
2. Homicide
3. Desecrator
4. Exhorder
5. The Tragic Period
6. Legions Of Death
7. Anal Lust
8. Slaughter In The Vatican

I never quite understood exactly what it was that Exhorder brought to the thrash table back in the day, except maybe an inspiration for Phil Anselmo on who he should style his vocals after. Sure, they had all the bees in the bonnet, such as the breakneck drummer, riff happy guitarists with the obligatory acoustic interlude (right before "The Tragic Period") and a shouting vocalist who could spit out words machine gun style using exactly one note. Wait. That's not true. In "Exhorder" he uses nearly three notes. What Exhorder fails to do is really put much emphasis on making their songs stand out from one another. Basic time changes and tempo does not really do that trick. So what you get is yet another second tier thrash album from the late eighties that ten years later somehow becomes someone's favorite retro flavor of the month. Don't ask me how that works. Maybe for some rabid thrash fan (and in 1989, that's precisely what I was) there is a need to chase after Exhorder but I will quite happily chase better bands from the era.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 01/2000

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