Gore Metal

Exhumed - Gore Metal ©1998 Relapse
1. Necromaniac
2. Open The Abscess
3. Postmortem Procedures
4. Limb From Limb
5. Enucleation
6. Casketkrusher
7. Deathmask
8. In My Human Slaughterhouse
9. Sepulchural Slaughter
10. Vagitarian II
11. Blazing Corpse
12. Deadest Of The Dead
13. Sodomy And Lust

It only took a few seconds into this CD to force me to break out my thesaurus to find as many synonyms as possible for "terrible". Exhumed specializes in that blast-beat gurgle vocal nonsense that parades around as extreme these days. With either strangled high screeches or absurdly unbearable low vocals to match the unoriginal grind/death metal music, I can't find a single reason to recommend this band to anyone for any reason. They did tease me somewhere with a really nice lead over a groovy bridge, but I'm not going to sit through this CD a second time to find it. Only recommended for fools looking to part with their money or people who have experienced at least 98% total hearing loss.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 12/1998

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