The Experience


The Experience - Insight ©2000 AFM Records
1. Inside
2. Journey's End
3. Voice Of Doubt
4. My Pyramid
5. Lost My Faith
6. Walls
7. From The End . . .
8. Sentiment Turn
9. Resign
10. The Appearance Of The Spoil-Sport
11. . . . To The Beginning)
12. Outside

The Experience are a German metal band that favor powerful, gothic, progressive metal as demonstrated by this their second disc. Their debut, Alusion, was more power oriented than this disc, but the changes in their sound are all for the better on the second release.

The most immediately noticeable thing that sets this band outside the normal parameters of the progressive metal "sound" is the voice of their singer. He sounds a bit like Matthew Barlow from Iced Earth or Tom England from Evergrey. His voice is raspy and much more harsh than what is normally associated with progressive metal singing. The singing style is brutal and aggressive in places, but it fits very well with the lyrical content and the style of play.

Another great thing about this disc is the atmosphere the band creates in the songs. When they get pensive, the music is haunting, helped along by the skills of their flutist. The guitars and keys provide a crunching metal assault for a heavy sound sometimes in the gothic vein, sometimes in the progressive power metal vein. The sound of the disc comes together in the five songs making up the title element of the disc. A lot of attention is payed to how the music fits together and it all flows very smoothly. The atmosphere created is on a par with Payne's Gray on their Kadeth Decoded disc. Fans of progressive metal will really enjoy the arrangement of these tracks in particular. They are masterfully written and produced. These tracks alone are worth the purchase price of the disc.

Lyrically, the disc is very introspective and somewhat dark in overall tone. The words are well conveyed by the singing which is emotional and anguished when it needs to be. The ambience of the music helps to carry the mood very well.

If you are a fan of atmospheric, darkly powerful progressive metal, then this disc is for you.

Review by Matthew Braymiller

Review date: 10/2000

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