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The Eyeliners - Confidential ©1997 Sympathy For The Record Industry
1. You're All Wrong
2. Anywhere But Here
3. Won't Be Long
4. Big Scoop
5. Six Years
6. Broke My Heart
7. High School
8. Secret Spy
9. Too Late
10. Postal
11. Headache
12. Instramatic

One of my earliest memories is taking my parents' records, putting them on the stereo and cranking the speed to 78 RPM (yes, it was an old turntable). At that juncture I would thrash about the room, twirling and generally making a frenzied little fuss with that speedy sound erupting from the speakers. Even now as an adult, there just is something inherently wonderful about exceptionally energetic music and the adrenaline produced by it. And though a lot of bands do play fast in punk or metal, there are very few who actually latch onto the purity of tapping into raw human energy and translate it through their instruments to the point where the listener is forced to get onto his/her feet and spin wildly around.

The Eyeliners, a three piece located in New Mexico, just so happened to have tapped into that musical well and this brief twelve song shot of energy is proof. I originally saw this trio live a few months ago and was fully blown away by their sense of punk poppiness matched with 100% undiluted Rock. That's right....with a capital R. Guitarist Gel gushes out licks that would make many a guitarist proud from Chuck Berry to even Angus Young. (Hey, she has the stage moves.) Bassist Lisa tends to loop around the riffs while drummer and singer Laura just simply holds down the beat in the tradition of the Ramones. This band is at their best when they played the higher tempo numbers, such as "Won't Be Long" or "Broke My Heart". Their best number is the strongly arranged "Secret Spy", which displays a great change-up in the middle of the song. The Eyeliners do nothing more than play the kind of rock that few bands seem to try these day. It's simple, catchy and a real kick in the pants live. Confidentially between you and me, anyone who loves the Ramones, Misfits and the dirty sound of early Motorhead should check this band out.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 12/1999

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Here Comes Trouble

The Eyeliners - Here Comes Trouble ©2000 Panic Button Records
1. Here Comes Trouble
2. Party Til The Break Of Dawn
3. Johnny Lockheart
4. See You Tonight
5. So What?!
6. Stuck On You
7. That's The Way It Goes
8. Rock-n-roll Baby!
9. Don't Go
10. Ooh Way Ooh (I Don't Like You)
11. Punk Rock Planet
12. Do The Zombie
13. If I Were You
14. Nothing Left To Say

Finally returning after a long delay since their first album, Confidential, but a whole lot of touring, New Mexico's The Eyeliners latest is really nothing but a continuation of their high energy mix of Ramones and rock'n'roll charged music. The time since the last album has found vocalist/drummer Laura sounding much more confident in her singing duties while the rest of the band works together much more smoothly. The production on Here Comes Trouble is so much better than Confidential, giving Gel's guitar a lot more bite. Considering how fueled with rock attitude she is, that was a necessary improvement. The songs themselves are right in the same vein of the last album. They're fairly basic and to the point, which is fast paced fun rock'n'punk. Compared to Confidential, the band does seem a little less manic and in control, resulting in a teeny bit of energy loss. But knowing these songs are designed to be heard in a live setting (where this band truly rocks your fuzzy little socks off), I still enjoy this album quite a bit. For any fan of frenzied rock, the Eyeliners are still kicking out remarkable jams.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 06/2000

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