Eyes Of Ligeia

A Dirge For The Most Lovely Dead

Eyes Of Ligeia - A Dirge For The Most Lovely Dead ©1999 Unsung Heroes Records
1. Watcher In The Water
2. And Yet You Stare
3. To Drown Beyond The Sunset/Perhaps Someday Softer Rains Will Come

Eyes of Ligeia is a one man project playing doom metal at a thunderously laborious pace. In the course of these three lengthy songs, EoL takes the listener into the morass of despair and then slowly bludgeons him/her with a variety of heavy, blunt objects. By now you should know what crowd you fall into. Fans of older My Dying Bride or anything that moves along at the pace of a lumbering elephant crushing the jungle should already be thinking about Eyes of Ligeia. EoL man Toby Chappell does a credible job of covering all the musical bases here. His hoarse voice conveys the proper doom emotions well and the long instrumental passages work in transpiring the gloom. I personally don't care a lot for doom except on rare occasions, but EoL seems very strong on doing the genre right. Worth checking out if you have a liking for the style.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 08/1999

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