Francesco Fareri


Francesco Fareri - Suspension ©2001 Suspension Records
1. Suspension
2. Pointbreak
3. Introspective
4. Cyborg
5. Secrets
6. Paradox

Suspension is the first self-released album by Italian guitarist Francesco Fareri. It is a collection of long neo-classical guitar instrumentals, with Fareri playing or programming all the instruments (guitar, keyboards, bass, and drum machine).

The immediate impression one gets is that Fareri really has been practicing his arpeggios, and that he drinks an awful lot of those famed hyper-caffeinated Italian espressos. Except for "Secrets", all the songs are concatenations of sweep-picking arpeggios played at a speed hitherto unknown to man over a bed of simple neo-classical metal chord progressions ("Paradox"). The drum patterns and keyboard riffs are a tad chaotic at times, and it becomes difficult to follow what is happening when every instrument is going berserk with odd time signatures. The clean-toned "Secrets", an all-tap arpeggio number that is strongly reminiscent of Joe Satriani's "Circles" and "The Forgotten (part I)", is a welcome breather after the millions of notes that Fareri pummels the listener with at every turn.

While Fareri is an incredibly gifted player when it comes to high-speed guitar licks, his slower playing is markedly less convincing, with an unsteady left-hand vibrato, and his phrases often don't finish nearly as well as they started. In addition, his passion for arpeggios completely overshadows what melodicism his compositions might have, and makes them less than memorable. However, as shred-fests go, this album packs a wallop and should turn quite a few sweep-picking fans' heads.

Review by Rog The Frog Billerey-Mosier

Review date: 10/2001

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