Farsot - IIII ©2007 Lupus Lounge
1. Thematik: Hass
2. Hass - Angst
3. Thematik: Angst
4. Angst - Tod
5. Thematik: Tod
6. Tod - Trauer
7. Thematik: Trauer

Just what the world needs: another marginally artsy black metal band who apparently believe they're exploring the depths of human misery with their music. Farsot, a German ensemble, displays a reasonable amount of musical ability, playing a fluid sort of midpaced black metal paced with typically "haunting" ambient interludes. But while they do have a certain amount of proficiency, there is most certainly a definite lack regarding the songwriting. IIII is the type of album that suggests that perhaps with enough listens, it will grow on the listener. A half dozen listens into the effort and I've come to realize that these musicians are essentially playing by rote and have a tendency to meander with their music. You might hear hints of the bass currents of Ved Buens Ende or some occasionally interesting segments, but for the most part the album blends into the background of your day without bothering to make an impact.

Granted, there are many worse albums out there and thankfully the band doesn't bury their sense of dynamics by creating a wall of sound like so many metal bands these days. Farsot could potentially grow and develop from this debut, but at the moment, I'll give this a pass.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 10/2007

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