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Fatima Hill - Aion ©2002 WorldChaos Production
1. Ares Dragon
2. Babel Dune
3. The Black Bat
4. Aeon
5. Ultimata
6. Stigmata
7. The Song For Beatrice Part 3 / The Seven Songs

I'm not a violent person by nature nor does the neanderthal appeal of wanton vandalism appeal to me. But, certain circumstances bring out a much more primal, destructive urge to simply break things. Fatima Hill's Aion is one such circumstance. Listening to this horrid album makes me want to find out where each member of this band lives, knock down the front door, shatter all the windows, crush all the plants, destroy electronic equipment, shred family photos and bust in the walls. And if there any family members present, I'm going to make menacing faces and shake my little fist at them. Then, since that is obviously not enough melee and mayhem, I will go to their studio and slice up any recording tape as well as demolish all the microphones and mixing boards. Hopefully then this band will never be able to record music again and if they do, can they please not send me a copy?

Metal has always had a tendency to be completely over the top and take things too far. Fatima Hill exemplifies this attitude and then takes "over the top" even more over the top. Musically this band is tolerable, offering a more progressive version of power metal mixed with a fantasy theme. But, unfortunately for all those who must suffer listening to Aion, the band features one of the most ear splitting vocalists I've ever heard. Think of Messiah Marcolin from Candlemass. Now think of him in the body of a Japanese woman, without the hairdo. Yuko, the young lady in question, warbles and bellows like an out of control opera singer, crowding out the music with her blaring air raid siren and tedious timbre. I can honestly say I've never heard anything so completely out of place and grating in my life. Despite some of the music being decent, her delivery is so unbearable that it causes me to cringe and get visibly angry.

Now you must excuse me. Although I despise guns, I'm going out to the skeet shooting range to do a little practice with Aion.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 08/2002

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