Fayman & Fripp

A Temple In The Clouds

Fayman & Fripp - A Temple In The Clouds ©2000 Tranceportation/Projekt
1. The Pillar Of Hercules
2. The Sky Below
3. A Temple In The Clouds
4. The Stars Below

A Temple in the Clouds is the culmination of a musical collaboration that began nearly nine years ago between legendary King Crimson leader Robert Fripp and noted film musician Jeffrey Fayman, whose credits include music for the trailers of "A Perfect Storm" and "The Patriot". The nucleus of the music project came in the form of some tracks Fripp had performed on years ago for a different band Fayman was involved with. Nothing came of that but the master tapes languished away for years until Fayman came up with an idea of how to layer and cycle the "Frippertronic Soundscapes" into this very unusual outcome.

The long soundscapes created on this album are rather amazing. While the instruments that may have been used are synthesized or otherwise processed into something not quite immediately recognizable, the depth of the layers as well as the fluid nature of the resulting music is phenomenal. I have described this CD to friends as "music the ocean would make were it to get its hands on a studio and some instruments". The music moves in ebbs, tides and flows. Initially it might seem mildly repetitive, yet the tones wash over you in the most serene manner possible and actually have the ability to gradually ease your state of mind into a more placid state of consciousness. The thirty minute title track is a perfect example of expansive soundscapes that betray the actual time it takes to listen to the track. Rather, time and place are irrelevant and the sounds you hear take charge. Percussionless and very abstract, A Temple in the Clouds avoids entirely the typical ambient charade of thinly layered keyboards as this is dynamic and breathing. This is definitely one of the best soundscape/ambient records I've ever come across.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 08/2000

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