Festering Sore

Chlorine For The Gene Pool

Festering Sore - Chlorine For The Gene Pool ©2000 Unsung Heroes Records
1. Mucous Membrane
2. Festering Sore
3. Wanted: GOD - Dead Or Alive
4. Soap
5. Satanic Priest
6. The Entity
7. Human Cattle
8. Silent Night, Deadly Night
9. Barking Dogs
10. Dogcatcher
11. Fuck A Dead Body
12. Terror Firma
13. Chlorine For The Gene Pool
14. 669
15. Corprophagia
16. Cellar Of Horror
17. Evil Dead
18. Die Motherfucker
19. Don't Burn The Witch
20. Orgy With The Dead

The 80s thrash metal movement brought about a lot of very primitive, rudimentary bands plying metal wares in a nearly punk fashion. Bands such as Sodom, Venom, Possessed, Hellhammer and many others were by no means virtuosos yet they still fashioned a sound that has influenced countless bands and created an entire legion of bands who still wish to play raw, ugly hard music. Festering Sore, one of the DIY style bands on Unsung Heroes Records, is one such band. As the name suggests, they aren't exactly pretty, nor will they appeal to anyone but the most fervent fans of Venom or Possessed styled thrash. And even then it's going to be a stretch to see if any of those hardcore miscreants can sit through the entire seventy two minute opus of Chlorine in the Gene Pool.

The major problem with Festering Sore is that you have heard their entire musical palette of colors on the very first track and the remaining bulk of the album is essentially the same song written with different lyrics, most of which are entirely based on horror movie worship, shock-shlock diatribes concerning sexual relations with the deceased, goofy faux Satanic praises and otherwise tongue-in-cheek deliberately offensive rantings. Musically this band has one idea to work with and the result is a very tedious, monotonous affair that doesn't particularly go anywhere. Moreover, unlike their 80s thrash heroes, their sound isn't endearing in its stripped down, grotesque state. Lance Boyle has exactly one note to his rasp and come on, there are seven other notes to choose from. A second note would add wonders to his singing. The music itself is mid to fast paced trashy thrash, with a drummer who sounds like a machine and dirty, fuzzy guitar playing. Nothing to which one might raise a flag and salute. At the end of the day, the goofy lyrics are just that, goofy and the music is drab. I haven't a problem with people saluting the ugly, influential music of the 80s, but I can't find myself ever wishing to inflict this particular form of worship on myself again. Yet one can imagine the most ardent believers that metal should be fast, hideous and over the top may still want to pick at Festering Sore a bit deeper.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 04/2001

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