Final Cut

Atonement V2.0

Final Cut - Atonement V2.0 ©1998 Slipdisc
1. Terminate
2. STD
3. Grind
4. Dim
5. It Comes Too
6. Wallow
7. This Is The Way
8. The Shake
9. Straddle
10. Nothing At All

Rather basic heavy industrial that spends a lot of time going nowhere. Final Cut reminds me of various Wax Trax! artists who spend all their time in beat-heavy simplistic music that relies far too much on a heavy guitar to be "extreme". Each of the songs tend to be repetitive and quite unengaging. The spoken NIN-ish vocals really add little. Perhaps this album would make great dancefloor music where big pants kids on ecstasy writhe in rhythmic enjoyment to anything with this sort of beat, but I'll personally hold out for Atonement v3.0 before I get excited.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 04/1999

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