Learn To Suffer

Finn - Learn To Suffer ©1998 MTN Records
1. MLK/Heaven (On Their Mind)
2. Dearly
3. Walls
4. Say You Love Me
5. Bleed
6. Heartsmash
7. Start Again
8. You Can't Win

Finn is one of those bands that falls through most the stylistic cracks and tends to remind you of many bands, yet none in particular. Vocally, singer Sean Holman is reminiscient of what Layne Staley might sound like if he was singing a more classic heavy metal style. It's a good voice, though not great. The biggest problem Finn has is with their average, ho-hum rock-metal-hardcore style that doesn't quite have the gusto to grab the listener by the shirt and shake up his world. It's enjoyable, but more as background music to whatever household chore you are doing at the moment. Bands like Finn tend to be aggravating as they have the talent to play well, yet they cheat themselves by not writing songs that simply destroy.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 03/1999

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