Smash The Octopus

Flattbush - Smash The Octopus ©2003 Kool Arrow
1. Smash The Octopus!
2. Better Off Dead
3. Kontra'tado!
4. Question Authority
5. Foxhole
6. Napalm
7. Batas Militar (Salavaged Style)
8. Expose And Expose
10. Death Squad
11. PIGS
12. LIC Total War (Low Intensity Conflict)
13. Red Light District

Having all the subtlety of George W. Bush dictating foreign policy, Flattbush barrels through their half hour debut like a pack of raging rhinos. The band, who has Phillipine roots, is yet another unhinged psycho-hardcore that draws influence from the likes of Mr. Bungle and System of a Down (although Flattbush's intensity makes System of a Down sound like Pat Boone doing mathcore). The thirteen songs here are runaway trains of aggression and feature wildly varying vocal approaches (which is where the Mike Patton thing hops into play). Flattbush comes close to careening out of control on nearly every song, particularly with their insistence on switching tempos every few seconds. The result is often these songs come across way more disjointed than one might prefer.

Smash the Octopus is often maddeningly in lacking enough cohesion to pull the style off. The band has potential to overcome the flaws of this debut and become a prominent act by tidying up a few things and learning a better sense of song flow. As it stands, their style should appeal to hardcore fans who think Dillinger Escape Plan is for wussies and can't sit still for a thirty second television commercial.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 03/2004

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