Flux - Protoplasmic ©1997 Release
1. Patterns Of Traffic
2. Hollow Spaces
3. Unknown Codes
4. Light Fuse
5. Protoplasmic
6. Stretched Out
7. Airtrap
8. Immanence

James Plotkin, formerly the guitarist for the legendary OLD, comes out with this new project that mixes house with ambient and progressive guitar. Odd mix? You betcha. But it works. Using repetitive high end guitar, catchy guitar lines, house-styled drum programs (I believe Mick Harris of Scorn had a lot to do with that as he was the producer), and the "matter-of-fact" recitations of Ruth Collins, there is a certain trance-like state one can reach listening to this work. Collins, especially on "Patterns of Traffic", reminds me of that girl who patters on in Orb's "Fluffy Little Clouds". Worth checking out.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 10/1997

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