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Bug House

Flytrap - Bug House ©1999 Indie-Go
1. Potential Stalker
2. No More Mess
3. Too Long
4. Who Asked You?
5. Animal
6. Laying On Your Grave
7. Pain
8. Communication Breakdown
9. Take Me Away

Flytrap is a New York collaboration between guitarist Jeff McErlain and vocalist Purple Pam. Surprising, in this age of trend ridden music, Flytrap harkens a much more timeless era of rock where the likes of Janis Joplin reigned supreme. This deliciously warm album is not exactly the most innovative release I've heard lately, but damn it all if they don't pull off their sound exceptionally well.

The main focal point of the band is Pam's vocals, which contain a healthy amount of the blues as well as a touch of the aforementioned Janis Joplin tinge. Her voice is usually very well harnessed for the music throughout Bug House and occasionally becomes downright spine chilling when her delivery catches the emotional vibe of the music. Fans of Linda Perry (ex-4 Non Blondes) best take note here. Guitarist McErlain is hardly flashy or steps outside his realm, but he understands the value of a good song over anything else. Whether it is just a straightforward rocker like the album's opener "Potential Stalker" or swamp blues like "Laying On Your Grave", his performance is thorough and solid throughout. Bug House, on the whole, is simply one of those warm and comfortable albums that becomes a quiet favorite. It may not be mindblowing or something that redefines music, but it's refreshing to hear a timeless rock album in this day and age of ephemeral MTV prefabricated noise.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 05/2000

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