Jezabel's Dream

Fog - Jezabel's Dream ©1999 Bethany Records
1. Three Days In Darkness
2. Jezabel's Dream
3. Metapholic Vortex
4. Entrantment
5. Infrablack/Mourning Light
6. Eternal Sleep
7. Prisoners Of The Flesh
8. Drown The Sun
9. Cykel Cycle/Destation Of The Dead

Fog is one of those bands that has probably been inudated with both black and death metal releases in their younger, impressionable years, as their release Jezabel's Dream shows a fairly consisent split down the middle between the two styles, with just a tinge of goth on the fringe. The result is not necessarily a great record here but one that has its definite moments where one will take notice and salute as well as a homeslice of hope for the band's future.

The band starts the album out in a very unusual smooth, doomy sound that is both fast and haunting. This sound reappears throughout the album and helps break up the rumbling death-thrash base the band utilizes most of the time. Keyboards and deep, chanting clean vocals are used often to break things up as well. The vocals are mostly rasped and firmly between death and black metal styles. The one problem the band does face at this early stage is learning how to really make the songs stand out. When they are simply rumbling through the heavier sections, it sometimes becomes hard to pay attention. But when they slip in the haunting, ominous passages as they do in "Infrablack/Mourning Light" or the gloom of the opening section of "Prisoners of the Flesh", my attention is firmly recaptured. I have to commend the band for taking most of the good elements of various metal factions and making something that is interesting for the most part. While Jezabel's Dream is hardly a perfect record by any means, there is more than enough heaping helpfuls of potential here to recommend afficiandos of black and death metal consider checking this band out.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 03/2000

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