Fooz - Fooz ©2001 Custom Heavy Records
1. Earthwind
2. Alone You Stand
3. Clouds Of Words
4. Smoke's Over
5. Cool Guys
6. Mine
7. High Fooz

Some of you out there might remember Clockhammer, who were around in the early part of the 90s and played a unique, mesmerizing form of hybrid metal/rock that incorporated a huge wealth of influence. Clockhammer dipped out of view after two domestic (and one very hard to find import) albums and fans have since been lamenting the loss of this wonderful outfit.

I have good news for you. Fooz, a Spanish band, has arrived playing music in the same spirit of seamlessly blending influences from the past with a modern sound quality and healthy dose of heaviness. Fooz, the four piece's first release, is an exceptional platter that has captured my attention most thoroughly since it's arrival in my mailbox. While Fooz sounds like no one else precisely, you constantly get the feeling this is a lost treasure from any decade of music you care to name since the 60s. Their named influences are Hawkind, Captain Beefheart, Blue Cheer and Pink Floyd, but they don't truly sound like any of those bands nor a clumsy blend or attempt at those styles. Instead, Fooz has a timeless quality as well as a ton of great songs that offer convincing melodies, adventurous yet focused arrangements and spirited playing. There are tendencies to jam a little as well as softer moments. The record flows very well and the variety between the songs keeps it from ever becoming a chore to listen to.

Fooz is a surprising entry for a new band and one that should hopefully garner them some attention. As stated above, Clockhammer fans are encouraged to search this one out and anyone who has a hankering for heavy rock tinged with a classic feel should do so as well.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 07/2001

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