The Forbidden Dimension

Sin Gallery

The Forbidden Dimension - Sin Gallery ©1993 Fuzzwarp Music/Cargo Records
1. Vulture Feed/Dreamdate
2. Mars Is Heaven
3. Haunted
4. Graveyard Line
5. Spiderbite
6. Wild Doll
7. Loveletter
8. Two Hearts In Wax
9. Tall, Dark, And Gruesome
10. Martian Death Saucer
11. Deadly Pickup
12. Atomic Cannibal
13. Pardon My Ghoulish Laughter
14. Shrunken Heads
15. Dig That Cra-a-azy Grave!
16. White Line Reaper
17. Corpus Earthling
18. Bikini Widow
19. Honeymoon On A Hook
20. In The Pines

These Canadian horrorpunks have been doing what they do since around 1988, to, unfortunately, very little fanfare or critical acclaim. Yes, this is horrorpunk, but don't worry. This isn't yet another Misfits ripoff. No, rather than bore you to death with rehashed "whoa whoa" choruses and wannabe-Danzig vocals, The Forbidden Dimension blend 60s garagepunk, surf rock, rockabilly, and oh, just the slightest hint of metal into a sound that, while wearing these influences on their sleeves, is distinctly their own. Lyrically, things are just as goofy as you might expect, but these songs definitely have that "stick in your head after the first time you hear them" quality, and many of these tunes easily rank up there with the very best of 90s punk rock. From the fuzzy 60s retro-garagerock guitar tones to the hilariously cheap-sounding organ the band employs in many of these tracks, this record is just a wonderfully campy good time that never takes itself too seriously. You'd just be doing yourself a GIGANTIC disservice by not tracking down a copy of it right away!

(Note: This record is, of course, out of print and probably has been since about a year after it was released, but last time I checked, several vendors on were selling it for super-cheap.)

Review by Mark Pennington

Review date: 08/2003

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