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The Corpse of Rebirth

A Forest of Stars - The Corpse of Rebirth ©2008 Self Released
1. God
2. Female
3. Male
4. Earth and Matter
5. Microcosm

Unlike A Forest of Stars, I shall cut right to the chase. This UK band is in dire need of someone to come along and force the band to rethink their bloated music. To put it bluntly, just because your songs range from nearly ten minute to over sixteen in length does not make you epic, progressive or otherwise impressive, especially considering the songs contain little substance to demand such a duration. The Corpse of Rebirth is generally a drag to endure for a complete listen, offering scant depth. Their sound mixes together things such as the extreme vocals you might hear on early In the Woods, a slight dose of Katatonia's doomy era, and tinges of depressive black metal. However, unlike the more substantial depressive bands such as Abyssic Hate, A Forest of Stars is akin to taking a butter knife and stabbing your grandmother's favorite quilt by accident, missing your veins by several feet. Quite inept.

The band does attempt to incorporate a few unusual elements into their music. "Earth and Matter", the sole song on this album that warrants any further attention, utilizes tribal percussion and successfully envelopes the listener in a mood that does not include the adjective "annoyed". In fact, this is one band that should truly contemplate exploring a far more ambient sound focusing on mood and perhaps even electronics, because their heavy metal aspect is generally one of epic fail.

I would describe this record as driving across western Kansas, where the scenery never changes hour after hour of travel. The interesting segments in "Earth and Matter" are somewhat like the billboards you see for the "World's Largest Prairie Dog" with pretty much the same kitsch, novelty factor. This is one band that really needs to rethink their sound before proceeding any further ahead.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 05/2010

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