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The Art Of Desolation

The Forsaken - The Art Of Desolation ©2002 Century Media
1. Incubator
2. The Hatebreed
3. Cold Flesh Colony
4. Dethroned
5. Embedded Insanity
6. The Second Manifest
7. Injected Terror
8. Human Chapter X
9. Scars
10. Mental Degeneration
11. Human Prey

The Forsaken are, in a quick summation, another run of the mill death metal band that offers brutality mixed with At the Gates styled hyper thrash.

And frankly, The Art of Desolation is a thoroughly uninteresting record full of rehashed ideas, tepid songs and few dynamics. It's simply a run through of playing fast, putting together riffs and a vocalist who sticks to one growl throughout the entire record. It's monotonous and flavorless. The sound is far from unusual as many other bands more or less travel the same path. In fact, The Art of Desolation is so characterless that I might as well copy another review's words and paste them in here.

It is the generic bands like The Forsaken that make this whole writing about music thing go stale very quickly. They're competent, so you can't point out inability. But they're also so incredibly mundane that there aren't a whole lot of words that can be used to describe just how unnecessary they are to music as a whole. They're just more driftwood floating in the stream.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 03/2004

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