Found Dead Hanging

Dulling Occams Razor EP

Found Dead Hanging - Dulling Occams Razor EP ©2003 Blackmarket Activities
1. Solar Powered Sun Destroyer
2. Taking Stock Portfolio Advice From Martha Stewart
3. With The Lack Of Faith In The World And The Recent Fluctuations In Gas Prices
4. A .45 Caliber Defibrillator A Prototype Of Sorts
5. It's Hard To Hail A Cab While Holding Yourself At Gunpoint
6. WIth Rapid Fire Mutant Death Ray

Found Dead Hanging is about as charming as their band name. Forging a technical modern hardcore sound that features plenty of dimestop time changes, weird guitar pummeling ala Botch and some of the most amusing song titles since Dillinger Four (a band that has absolutely nothing in common with Found Dead Hanging, incidentally), Found Dead Hanging had me intrigued but ultimately left wanting. Although bands like Found Dead Hanging have the technical ability to change direction within a song with considerable ease, the biggest problem with this band lies in their inability to smooth their maniacal collection of riffs into cohesive songs. This six song debut EP is crushing, dense and packed, but all I feel is claustrophobia within the quagmire of noise. It's one thing to string a series of riffs together, but to make them into powerful songs with impact is another thing altogether. There are certainly fans of this assault-at-all-costs approach to hardcore, but for those who want more than a unilateral frontal attack, Dulling Ocean's Razor will fall quite short.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 09/2003

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