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Freedom Call - Eternity ©2002 SPV
1. Metal Invasion
2. Flying High
3. Ages Of Power
4. The Spell
5. Bleeding Heart
6. Warriors
7. The Eyes Of The World
8. Flame In The Night
9. Land Of Light
10. Island Of Dreams
11. Turn Back Time

I know that in most of the civilized world, incest is a crime (apart from areas of the deep south in the US). Apparently in Germany there aren't many laws against this despicable act because their entire power metal scene is nothing but a bunch of inbred, cross-eyed mutts. Musicians hop from band to band, but in reality they might as well stay put because none of the bands sound very different from one another. What's the point in starting a new band that is going to sound like your old band or another band that's already in existence?

Freedom Call is yet another clone of the Gamma Ray power metal and it just so happens that Gamma Ray drummer Dan Zimmerman is now in Freedom Call. One listen to Eternity, the band's third album, proves he didn't pursue this side project to sort out artistic differences. This wretched disc contains nothing but a bunch of speedy anthems to kings, metal, warriors and who cares what else? There's bits and pieces of "into glory ride", but thankfully this promo CD didn't come with any lyrics. Considering the music already made me a bit queasy, an actual perusal of the lyrics might actually get lunch back out of my stomach. Power metal has been done ad nauseum and this simply proves the theory. Aside from the obvious Gamma Ray aping, Freedom Call attempts bad slower songs that sound like Hammerfall and sport a keyboard sound that reminds me of Europe's "The Final Countdown". That's not a good association, kids.

Eternity is a truly useless piece of trivial music that does nothing for a genre that is already limited and redundant beyond belief. I cannot for the life of me understand how there is a need to hear a copy of a copy of a copy of a somewhat original band. Maybe those who must have unchallenging, safe, conservative music provide the market for this sort of band. I'd rather listen to Oprah Winfrey on tape than put up with this sort of drivel.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 11/2002

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