Fudge Tunnel

Complicated Futility Of Ignorance

Fudge Tunnel - Complicated Futility Of Ignorance ©1994 Earache
1. Random Acts Of Cruelty
2. The Joy Of Irony
3. Backed Down
4. Cover Up
5. Six Eight
6. Long Day
7. Excuse
8. Find Your Fortune
9. Suffering Makes Great Stories
10. Circle Of Friends, Circle Of Trends
11. Rudge With A Grudge

I find it interesting that a band like Fudge Tunnel used to draw comparisons to early Godflesh when, in fact, they sound nothing like Godflesh. Granted, Alex Newport’s acerbic shouting can easily make him a graduate of the Justin Broaderick School of Acerbic Shouting™, but for the most part, each song is a monstrously heavy groover with frequent nods to Helmet and early Swans. So in other words, Fudge Tunnel sounds like the Cleansing-era Prong. Not exactly like Prong, mind you, but just enough to warrant a comparison.

On this, their last official full-length album, it is all the more apparent that Newport and co. were seriously pissed off individuals with a knack for memorable hooks and good grooves. Like Prong’s Tommy Victor, Newport’s guitar tone had grown huge, all-encompassing, and very, very thick proportions. Also like Tommy Victor and Page Hamilton, Newport’s main strengths lay in constructing good, catchy, consistent, hook-laden riffs that stuck to you like adhesive. The appropriately titled “Six Eight” slows things down to do a doomy crawl, while “The Joy of Irony” makes way for some interesting dynamics in the form of interesting clean textures. Most notably throughout most of the tracks is the consistent, loose interplay between Newport’s crushing guitar, David Riley’s slithering bass, and the less-is-more rhythmic crunch of Adrian Parkin’s drums.

While I probably won’t expect to be playing this much in the near future, I can safely say that Fudge Tunnel released a solid finale before combusting a short time after. If you ever stumble across it in the cheapo bin, feel free to shell out a few of your well-earned dollars.

Review by Alec A. Head

Review date: 06/2002

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