Full Devil Jacket

A Wax Box...

Full Devil Jacket - A Wax Box... ©1999 The Enclave
1. Stain
2. Mr. Wiggly
3. Screaming Jesus
4. D.M.F. (live)
5. Full Devil Jacket

Despite having major label promotion and power behind them, Full Devil Jacket is yet another entry into that "we have heavy production but no real songs" genre of Nu Metal. A Wax Box... aptly demonstrates this band's lack of identity and furthermore displays that they really do not strive in writing memorable songs either. Within seconds of the first song, one gets the feeling that one has heard this all before under different names. Singer Josh Brown had a quite bland voice that hits around three notes effectively and shouts when that isn't doing the trick. "Full Devil Jacket" puts him trying to croon over an acoustic guitar and frankly he doesn't have the ability to put his voice out there so naked. This band needs to realize that a ton of other bands are already doing this style. Either they have to write songs that blow down doors or work to find a sound that is a little more their own. A Wax Box... is something that I'm going to throw into my pile of useless promo CDs and hope that I don't accidentally slip this in when I want to hear something good.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 11/1999

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