Fu Manchu

The Action Is Go

Fu Manchu - The Action Is Go ©1997 Mammoth
1. Evil Eye
2. Urethane
3. The Action Is Go
4. Burning Road
5. Guardrail
6. Anodizer
7. Trackside Hoax
8. Unknown World
9. Laserbl'ast
10. Hogwash
11. Grendel, Snowman
12. Strolling Astronomer
13. Saturn III
14. Nothing Done

Another heaping Fu Manchu serving of BORECORE. Despite a pretty interesting rift of songtitles, The Action Is Go displays about as much vigor as a 90 year old in a coma. The nasal, lazy vocals ring of utter tedium, and the post-Sabbath stoner ditties enclosed meld into a sleepy and seemingly endless drone of numbing monotony, evoking a sort of bland, songless, simpering Kyuss. Producer J. "White Zombie" Yuenger seems to have an ear for crap, and Fu Manchu simply fall in line.

Review by Lee Steadham

Review date: 12/1998

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