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Future Whirl

Future Whirl - Future Whirl ©2002 Gompa Records
1. The Crystal Dawn
2. Question
3. Never Be The Same Again
4. Lotus
5. Future Whirl
6. Into The House Of The Sun
7. So Hard To Break Free
8. The Frozen Isle

"Ground control to Major Tom."


While Bard Titlestad has since shed away his Oberon moniker in favor of his real name, Future Whirl does indeed bear a lot of resemblance to his previous works. Arguably one of Norway's best-kept-secrets in the field of atmospheric folk/rock, Future Whirl seems to continue in the same other-worldly atmosphere as its predecessors (with the exception of his one-off Oberon EP, Anthem, released in 2001). For one who has heard his previous efforts, one would be surprised to find that there are absolutely no electric, effects-laden guitars to be found, that Future Whirl is entirely based off acoustic guitars, his trademark contemplative, tasteful synth washes, and his aloof, expressive, uncertain voice.

I suppose what Oberon excels best at would be tasteful, simple, expressive songwriting that doesn't include any wasted notes. Future Whirl is a solid example of tastefulness from start to finish and, aside from some slight imperfections I find with Bard's singing voice, is an entirely solid album from a person I am glad to call my friend.

Review by Alec A. Head

Review date: 01/2003

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