Battery Acid Mouth Wash

Gimp - Battery Acid Mouth Wash ©2000 Snob Productions
1. Icepicked
2. Hidden Agenda
3. Desperate Trip
4. Rubberthumb
5. Pandora
6. Escaping Guilt
7. Not For Me
8. Bitch
9. The Plague

In spite of the barcode on the back cover, I sincerely hope this is a demo.

Gimp plays a hybrid of metal, hardcore/rap and 1990s alternative rock. The singer exhibits standard sub-professional vocal mannerisms la Creed/Eddie Vedder. The songs are not especially gripping, with hackneyed structures and unimaginative melodies. The musicians are decent but do not sound very confident, and the production is very demo-ey, with amateurish whole-mix fade-ins and fade-outs (supposedly for more dramatic dynamics) and uneven mix levels.

The switch from rap metal to alternative metal to metal to whatever robs this collection of any semblance of identity it may have had if the band had decided to focus and work on one particular style. Faith No More pulled it off with a tremendously talented singer, varied instrumentations and excellent songs. In Gimp's case, the instrumentation and overall sound are always the same from one song to the next, and one gets the feeling that the band has developed none of the genres alluded to enough to be convincing in any of them.

Oh, and the self-deprecating toothless-inbred-with-mullet-mama-with-gun imagery really doesn't work. All it does is cement Gimp's image as a bad amateur joke band, which, well, it really sounds like.

Review by Rog The Frog Billerey-Mosier

Review date: 06/2001

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