The Gits

Frenching The Bully

The Gits - Frenching The Bully ©1992 C/Z Records
1. Absynthe
2. Another Shot Of Whiskey
3. Insecurities
4. Slaughter Of Bruce
5. Kings And Queens
6. It All Dies Anyway
7. While You're Twisting, I'm Still Breathing
8. A
9. Wingo Lamo
10. Cut My Skin, It Makes Me Human
11. Here's To Your Fuck
12. Second Skin

Despite being a displaced San Francisco band, The Gits, having settled in in the North West in the early 90s, were to be among the rising tide of fresh metal/punk/60s garage rock as well as the third riders on the horse of the Original Riot Girls, bucking that nag along with the mostly crappy Bikini Kill and mostly rad 7 Year Bitch.

And why not? Frenching the Bully is earthy, gritty and brutally honest like much of its Seattle contemporaries, circa 1992, but further inspection reveals such elliptical comparisons must cease. For The Gits dig deep into punk roots forsaking the college-boy sensitivity of grunge for a demeanor that resounds closer to early 80s punk, summoning the Circle Jerks or the Germs, but with the thunder of a Gruntruck or My Sister's Machine. Fast, punky, metallic, heavy with attitude for miles. In other words: a perfect splicing of influences.

Here's they've established a formula for success, but can the songs carry it? First of all, don't mince my words: here Mia Zapata has a swaggering, powerful, charismatic voice that occilates wildly between hoarse and husky and passionately melodic. Her voice is, frankly, all over the mix. The producers knew this was her band, and the band knew it too: the guys maneuver through fairly simple punkrock moves, throwing curveballs at only the most climactic moments. The sum-total is a slew of absolutely topnotch punk songs, Zapata the engineer of a classic in the making.

As the 90s wind to a close, Frenching the Bully stands above and beyond among the best of the era. Few better albums have passed these ears.

Review by Lee Steadham

Review date: 12/1999

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